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“... Ingeniously illustrated” -Paste magazine

“... fab acrylic-and-ink illustrations mix appealing caricatures of the band with surreal visions of their lives” -Washington Post

“A first choice for any collection, this book is worth its weight in denim or gold.” 
School Library Journal starred review

“Using a bright idea of his own, Innerst (Lincoln Tells a Joke) chronicles the raucous action in acrylic paintings on a canvas of, yes, old Levi's jeans.” 
Publishers Weekly starred review

"Innerst’s gorgeous, textured paintings, many of them caricatures, are varied and inventive: When Lincoln’s great height is described in the text, his head and feet are cropped off the page.” -Kirkus

“Innerst's colorful and unconventional acrylic illustrations cover the entire page and are the perfect complement to both the text and the subject matter ...”  
School Library Journal starred review

... (A) lighthearted look at Lincoln and the many droll quotations attributed to him."  Publishers Weekly starred review

“Innerst's (M Is for Music) antic oil paintings, which picture the Worms standing tall like fingers or curling in graceful esses, recall Barry Root's rocking and reeling imagery for Brave Potatoes, another spirited tale of self-actualization.” 
Publishers Weekly starred review

“The stunning, stylized art in this text is music to the eyes as it introduces more than 100 soulful, jazzy, and rockin' words.” 
Chicago Public Library, "Best of the best"

"An imaginative fusion of finely tuned text and inventive illustrations."
School Library Journal starred review

"Like a grand piano: It hits all the high notes but reaches the bass undertones as well . . . Fresh, eye-catching." -Boston Herald
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“... Bravura painting. A daub of paint here and a smear there, and voilà, a perfect Louis Armstrong in caricature ...”

New York Times Book Review


Coming March 2013!


Bravo! - Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review